Tuesday, December 9, 2008

at first i thought...

...that posting too often was somehow wrong.
and then i realized that this is my way of doing
this and there's nothing wrong with it at all.
wow! that shouldn't be such a huge revelation
and yet it is.

and should and shouldn't are hereby banished
from this little blog o' mine.

i just wanted to copy my weekly horoscope
from the wonderful rob brezsney whose
free will astrology (and lots more)
can be found here


to wit:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): What country has more sand than any other? With its vast deserts, Saudi Arabia has got to be near the top of the list. Nevertheless, the Saudi government forbids the export of sand, worrying that it might eventually run out due to its construction industry's demands for the stuff. This irrational fear reminds me of you, Leo. You, too, have a certain bountiful resource that will never be depleted -- and yet you're chronically worried that it will. Please adjust your thinking. It's an excellent time to get more realistic about the true nature of your abundance.

it seems like a good omen for my attempt to communicate here, no?



  1. I'm still longing for a few photos for my little marrakesh blog.
    ps you should make a Morocco calendar and sell it via LULU!

  2. i post at least once a day, sometimes more. depends how many actual human beings are around me to talk to, lol. my social nature has to come out somewhere!

  3. Hey Judy,
    there are now rules in the blogging world!
    Check out this
    it's a group/pledge BWO blogging without obligation!

  4. thanks nancy!
    rules that aren't rules - yay!


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