Saturday, December 20, 2008

the color in between

snow yesterday and
snow tomorrow
they say.

okay, and a few flurries.

so i thought i'd inject a bit of color
into this monochromous blog...

a rejected holiday card design

based on the colors in this photo:

festive but too obvious i thought.

and a card i sent in 2006...


  1. nice color palate...are you familiar with the blog kris's color stripes? i think you'd like it.
    here is a link:

  2. where having the same "snow days" here!
    love the collage and all the winter wonderland photos!

  3. thanks for commenting, guys...

    m. heart - kris's blog is inspiring.
    the site (mind the U)
    (i have barely scratched it's surface)
    is a feast of color (or colour) palettes, trends, blogs...

    nancy - awww - no snow today :(

    the work is not collage, it's actually a photoshop painting, i.e. drawn and then
    colored completely in photoshop.


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