Sunday, December 14, 2008

Metropolitan Museum

it wasn't crowded
on the last day
of the giorgio morandi exhibit.
a quiet crowd observing quiet work.

no photos allowed so i sketched,
to be more intimate with the paintings.

and shot this banner outside
the exhibit - vases and paintings
in morandi's studio.

i can't explain why the seeming simplicity of them
moves me as much as it does.

the minimal watercolors
like the one a few posts back
take my beath away.

I wandered the Met a bit more:
the show celebrating three decades of acquisition
under director Philippe de Montebello
is a gas - a crazy quilt of 300 juxtaposed masterpieces:
objects tiny and monumental,
Islamic, medieval, African, contemporary,
metal, wood, glass, fabric, stone,
photography, sculpture, paintings...
Vermeer, Klee, Van Gogh, Jasper Johns,
Asian calligraphy and this gorgeous head of Athena

if you can't get there you can check it out

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