Sunday, December 28, 2008

vacationing at home...

helps when home is new york...

i will not use that newly minted word
for this sort of stay at home holiday.

the only recent smashup word that i really like
is shopportunistic. be shamelessly shopportunistic.
as in: buy with an eye for bargains.

not exactly what i was doing
prowling the ground floor at abc carpet
like an archaeologist:
this is the urban souk
of a wealth-infused reality
on a seriously different plane
than my own.

the children's department is the dream of a childhood
that never existed: i walked around as in a fog.

lifting my camera to document the curiosities.

i left feeling like a tourist
departing brigadoon...

it was another country.
a well appointed, beautifully displayed,
infintely colorful and exquisitely designed country.

i think abc carpet is,
for me,
like tiffany's for holly golightly:
nothing bad could ever happen there.

unless i wanted to buy something...

they sell magic in jars

and large wooden angels...

docile goats rest

offerings are made to ganesha

and everyone...father christmases...



and elfs in red
look better in groups


  1. i would love to visit this place!
    wonderful photos

  2. I meant to get to abc carpet this year..well this Xmas, and I haven't :(
    Is it too late?
    One of my favorite places. Thanks for the reminder
    Your photos are divine!!!

  3. Just found this gorgeous post! thank you x


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