Saturday, January 3, 2009


i used to collect buttons.
the minor and the major.
the mundane and the magnificent

small calico buttons...

large mother of pearl buttons ...this one is two inches in diameter...

tiny art nouveau-ish...

it was a logical step from the
plastic penny charms of my childhood...

small, widely available,
relatively inexpensive,
buttons could be found anywhere.
i found them at the marche
aux puces in paris and
the button queen in london.coraline, buttons,

i pored over the boxes at
tender buttons in new york,
found hand made buttons at
crafts fairs, scavenged in
bins and buckets in the (then) dusty,
dimly lit shops in the flower district

wooden and plastic, brass, tin, ceramic
enamel, bone. best of all mother of pearl:
the feel of them smooth as washed silk
and they sound like money...

no wonder my interest was piqued
when i saw the first 'coraline' poster
and put it online dec 18.
comes now a new and wonderful poster
with button key attached.

(this is new york:
i am certain it was meant to be taken:
i took it. besides, i seem to be shilling for
the film
so this seems apt recompense)


  1. when i was little my mom had a large tin button box, and i used to love to stick my hands in, scoop up a handful and pour them back in. my favorites were the buttons with rhinestones. when you opened the lid there was a very distinct smell, but to this day i'm not sure if it was the buttons or the box itself!

  2. That poster is great when you look at it up close. I think I'd chose the novel buttons for the nerdy bookworm. I think taking things left in public in the city is deliciously naughty, don't you? I think you deserved the key.


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