Saturday, January 24, 2009

the naming

i never created a banner
and never really explained the blog name
magpies beads...

beads, for me, were meant to be
the posts themselves: adding
each day to the thread: moments,
images, thoughts...

participating in my first online event
the one world one heart giveaway
i realize that the name - it's first impression -
must convey more than just a lovely concept.

perhaps magpies beads
reads too much as 'bead site'
and while i love beads -
working the flame making glass beads
like these
was like meditation for me -
perhaps the name
New York Magpie
more suits the content.

Would love some feedback.
What do you think?


  1. I found you the other day through OWOH. I love your photos so I subscribed through my google reader and placed your blog in my "Photography" folder. I didn't even pay attention to the name.

    Until today when I had an update. I agree that the name sounds like a beading site. (Did you make the ones in the photo? They are beautiful.)

    Now that I read the reasoning behind the name, I understand. Perhaps you could put that in your "About" or profile page. Or as a subtitle under the main title of the blog.

    Just a couple of ideas...

  2. Hey Judy, everybody has a story!
    an interpertation of what something means to them. i like how you explained it, maybe you can add that to your banner and i would love to see one of your photos in the background(or several)
    MAGPIE BEADS..............
    adding each day to the thread
    moments, images, thoughts.............
    my head is swimming with ideas!nancy

  3. thank you both for the suggestions - as you can see i've incorporated them. i think this will suit until i get it together and create a banner.

  4. love it, looks great, just needs some color!nancy

  5. From one magpie who likes to flit around to another... follow your beak- always. I'm not sure limiting your location is wise. A bird is meant to fly hither and yon, you know. :)

  6. This necklace would go perfect around my neck. Sign me up! Stop by to say hello. There may be something there to your liking.

    I’m #508 on the Gypsy Caravan

    1000 Blessings of Good Karma to you!



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