Sunday, January 25, 2009

on 14th street

14th, like so many new york streets
(and it's really always 14th, never spelled out)
is not just one place and is constantly evolving.

gentrification and gallerification has turned
far west 14th into a posh urban mall
with enough designer shops and pretension
to rival madison avenue.

that street doesn't interest me.

on the block between eighth and ninth avenue
on the south side of the street is
the church of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe -
Our Lady of Guadalupe - patron of the Americas
and outside on the street this afternoon
i felt i was in Mexico.

vendors selling tamales, posole, vivid red salsas,
tables filled with the cards of saints, crucifixes
and beads in red white and green.
baskets filled with carved, bright trinkets,
sheets on the street strewn with spanish cds...

i didn't try the food today - i was in a hurry -
but i will go back:
i'd bet it's delicious.
i know it's authentic.


  1. This description is a poem. Read it loud and don't forget to roll the "r"s in the Spanish words. Doesn't it have a rhythm that goes with the pictures beautifully?

  2. eva thank you!
    i do try to shape the words
    as i shape the images.

  3. Far west 14th street sounds boring.
    The block you were on today sounds much more fun!
    When you go back and try the food, please let us know how it is. I am envious just looking at your beautiful photos and reading your words.

  4. turn the corner and you're in another world...that's what's amazing about the city. so many diversions, i can't imagine i'd ever be on time for anything if i lived there.

    tamales, beads, trinkets...god, i love everything about this post!

  5. Oh yeah, that's the part of the street I'd gravitate towards too. Love the Virgin de Guadalupe images.


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