Sunday, January 18, 2009

the plane and the snow

it was snowing lightly behind the reporter
doing the live remote from battery park city,
the u.s. airways plane behind her.

it was snowing so of course i was going out.
the plane was there, only two stops downtown
so of course that was the direction.

to the old world trade center stop
on the e train. it's still called
world trade center
which always seems right to me.

how do you photograph absence?

an interesting assignment
for a photography class.

downtown you just point and shoot:

the site

workers in the snow

a sign of the future

and then
near the river

and then
there it is

you can't get very close
but behind the trees:
the miracle plane.


  1. Those mighty wings
    settled softly
    on Hudson's
    forgiving breast.

  2. Love your photography. Thanks for sharing your artwork. Colleen


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