Wednesday, January 28, 2009


by the time i left the
apartment the lovely, drifty
flakes i'd seen from the window
had morphed into sleet: cold
hard driving, snappish.

just the excuse i needed
to not schlep up to central park.

if it sleets, she cheats.

and lest you get
too nostalgic for
new york in the snow
these reminders...

for all the pretty snow covered grates

and garbage cans...

reality sets in when you try to cross a street...

retrieve your morning Times...

or just walk.

although i do love the
Tiffany-hued salt
the post office uses
and the kind of ice-bergian
tint it gives the slush...


  1. schlep... just learnt something new... how did this get into your language?

  2. eva - Comes from the Yiddish - not sure how 'in our language' this is in the rest of the country but New Yorkers are certainly familiar with lots of Yiddishisms. Chutzpah comes to mind and kvetch, mensch and meshuggah, nosh, schmaltz, schmooze and tchotchke. to name a few.

  3. yes, this looks almost as unpleasant as my icy drive to work and back, if not more so. days like this are just messy wherever you live and better spent hiding in bed with a cup of tea and good book.

  4. Beautiful words, beautiful images, now I can't wait to visit NY this year with my family (when the snow has gone though lol)

  5. only 41 more days 'til spring!
    love the photos


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