Wednesday, January 21, 2009

small things, part the first

on my way to work yesterday
i started to notice
small things about new york
that make me happy
out of proportion
and sometimes unaccountably.

i guess it was that kind of day.

so i thought i'd start a list.

1. the way the morning light
hits this building making it's whiteness
unnatural in a beautiful way

2. the fact that we still have
four daily newspapers
two free dailies
and, though losing it's grip,
the village voice.

3. posters as big as buildings and

4. graphically interesting posters
all over the place

5. bagels on the street


  1. Your photos make me miss NY especially the bagels. Loved your button post.

  2. New York and bagels
    wrapped in early morning__

  3. yes!

    and the smell of roasting nuts on rainy afternoons...

  4. and eating nutella crepes by bethesda fountain. heavenly.

  5. great photos, and i noticed in ny that no matter how big it is, i always found some to talk too! can't wait to go back, nancy

  6. Oh, New York bagels and all the rest, simply a joy to linger over! The first picture, with the blue sky and the white building, is a stunner.

  7. really really love that blogpost!

  8. what lovely photographs!

    I lived in a big city for a few months, and enjoyed things such as these, as well . . .



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