Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i'm very taken with these...

i collected stamps as a kid.
i still feel compelled, when a lovely design
or a tribute to someone i admire is issued,
to save a sheet.
they're filed somewhere,
a folder full, taking up space.
perhaps the sensible thing is
scan 'em, post 'em,
and stick 'em on envelopes...


  1. why not frame them, or make a great collage with them?

  2. I have an even better idea. Use them to mail something to me and I'll use them in a collage! (hee hee) Transparent, much?

    This is probably a stupid question but how do I get my hands on these Eames stamps? Can I order from the USPS Web site?

  3. i would think you probably could get them online. my office is a block from the main post office in n.y. - the big one they always show on the news on tax day where people who wait til the last minute go.


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