Friday, January 30, 2009

ten years ago in taos

sharing poetry
is sometimes as chancy
as sharing dreams. but i've been at this blog thing now
for more than two months

ten years ago in taos
i fell a little bit in love
with someone i oughtn't have.
i've never done it
any other way.

for the pain
i came away with a series of poems
that in retrospect
make it worth it:
the better end of the bargain...
here's one:

letter from home

there sunlight
cut shadows sharp
into the chill
and there was birdsong.
i hear only
harsh car alarms here,
shadows are shallow
and the sky is pale.
what gray do i mix
for asphalt
and concerte?

in the porch swing silence
something came over me there
beneath willows unbent
in a field of dandelion,
magpies arrogant
against the cobalt sky.

bliss, i said.
was i lying?
in the hammock,
eyes closed
unshielded from the
you sat beside me.
for a moment
i rested my elbow on your thigh.

puzzled by the pleasure
of sun and tears on my cheek,
dust streaked and wind buffed -
if you were my imagination
i’m better than i knew
at invention


  1. my heart is beating faster...
    this unique pain and pleasure we carry around, thinking it is our very own, and then we find it in the verse of another.
    thank you for taking the chance.

  2. Wow! Lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it. I'm still on my tour of OWOH. I'll be back to read more!


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