Sunday, January 25, 2009

times square station

not quite a 'small thing'
but i'm adding the vast

11. times square subway station

to my list of things that delight.

the 7 and the E trains were diverted yesterday
necessitating a fairly convoluted
hike underground, brightened by these
delightful mosaics
in the once bland white tile walls.

called 'revelers' these celebrants are
the inspired work of jane dickson

lovely on their own
they're even more interesting
when commuters hurry past...

the MTA arts for transit program is a
gorgeous and colorful success.
see and hear more at the MTA site


  1. The colors and details are astounding!
    I love them all, but especially the fourth one with the red blur.

  2. Wonderful public art, very uplifting!
    Love the commuters hurrying through.

  3. Yes, they are such fun.
    It makes walking through the station
    ALMOST bearable......
    The mosaics blend in well with pedestrians.

  4. I didn't get a chance to see this station while I was in New York, but I did see some really great tile work in some of the other stations. Paris metro stations are all different and interesting too - well, some more than others of course.

  5. I love the blur of the hurried commuters, seemingly dancing and celebrating right along with the mural.


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