Monday, February 23, 2009

album cover design meme

o no, not another meme. yeah. well. blame
m. heart at least it's a design meme.

I did my first one honestly but i hate
using other people's images without permission
if i'm going to post them
so i switched to random photos from my
own pbase galleries...

i especially enjoy the unusual quotes,
collected below with info on the
wikipedia entries...

and then, full disclosure, i got picky
about what wikipedia offered
and clicked until i found entries that
inspired me...

here are the general guidelines

go to wikipedia & hit random
or click here. the first random
wikipedia article you get is
the name of your band.

go to random quotations
or click here. the last four or five words
of the last quote of the page
is the title of your first album.

go to flickr and click on
“explore the last seven days”
or click here.
third picture, no matter what it is,
will be the image for your
album cover.

create and post your album cover.

a contessa chair is a wooden chair
typically used for dining.
a one seat sofa can sometimes be called a contessa chair.

"the last temptation is the greatest treason:
to do the right deed for the wrong reason

T.S. Eliot

Tal R is an artist based in Copenhagen.
his painting style is described as
kolbojnik, a Hebrew word for

reality, n. the nucleus of a vacuum
Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

dual quaternions
In ring theory, dual quaternions are a non-commutative
ring constructed in the same way as the quaternions,
except using dual numbers instead of real numbers
as coefficients.
(but you knew that, right?)

The chalk marks are transient, the formulas eternal
S. Weinstein
(couldn't find more on S. Weinstein
is but i love the quote)

Welcome to My Nightmare is a
1976 music concert film of Alice’s Cooper’s
show of the same name

I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith
to be content

Epistle of Paul

54 Aurigae is a star
in the constellation Auriga.

There are men I could spend eternity with,
but not this life

Kathleen Norris

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  1. This is definitely a fun meme! I did it on Facebook with a bunch of friends.
    Happy chocolate eating! Lets hope the snow is in everyone's imagination!


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