Sunday, February 8, 2009

finally: coraline!

after shilling for the movie here since
i saw the first intriguing poster
and visited the website
in december i felt it was my duty
to see coraline during its
opening weekend.

i haven't read the neil gaiman novel
upon which it's based - some reviews
indicate that the novel has more depth
um - duh? -
i was nonetheless amazed, delighted,
charmed and awed,
even with the 3d glasses perched
precariously over my own.

the stop action animation
is spectacular and the subtle
use of 3D - only occasionally
do things seem to come right out at you -
enhance the tale of coraline and her
adventures in an alternate reality
that sometimes reminded me of
the nightmare before christmas
(also directed by henry selick)
sometimes the wizard of oz
and sometimes of the matrix.

if you can, go out of your way to
see it at a theater offering 3D.

1 comment:

  1. I have really been wanting to see it! Now this wonderful review has given me even more incentive. Thanks. :) Lovely blog!


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