Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH - the annotated results

The winners have all checked in
and this is who got what
and where they're going...
two of six to Oregon - whoa!

i'll try to send these within
the next week. and again,
thanks to everyone for
the lovely comments.

Amanda in Munster, Germany

Sophie in Lachine, Quebec, Canada

Christine in Bend, Oregon

Diedra in Salem, Oregon

Patty in Superior, Montana

Suzanne in Downers Grove, Illinois

The process for choosing the winners
was a long and arduous one.
entries were numbered
and six numbers were selected by
an online
random number generator.
the chosen blogs were then numbered
one through six and,
as no hats were readily available,
slips of paper with these numbers
were placed into this

paper bag
from which they were drawn one
by one by my colleague lbj.

and here is the order of the draw:


congrats to all
and i truly believe that participation
was the true gift for all of us.

if you're one of the above bloggers
please contact me with your order of preference
for the photos i've offered in my post of january 19
(list #123 on owoh)

thanks so much for all your comments.



  1. It WAS fun wasn't it? I'm definitely doing this again next year!

    I'm bummed I didn't win, but happy for those who did.

  2. YAY!! I am quite happy as I love your work. Thank you for offering all of these photographs:)

  3. Hooray! I look forward to having your beautiful work in my home...



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