Monday, February 9, 2009

the pink shoes

there's a photograph by joel meyerowitz...
a man outside a metro station in paris
has fallen to the ground.
is he having a seizure,
has he been attacked...
a dozen people, frozen in the moment,
a workman with a hammer
steps over him,
the attacker?
a boy on a bicycle turns
to see,
the image is almost a monochrome
except a blonde woman
in a green dress
on the metro stairs,
a woman
in a red sweater...

years ago in tuscany
i took a writing workshop with joel's
partner maggie barrett. in one
exercise we used one of joel's
photographs as the jumping off point
for a story.
i used this one
and my story was about the girl
in the black dress
going down the metro steps
who, as it happens,
is wearing shoes
exactly this shade
of pink

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