Friday, February 6, 2009

think pink!

after much discussion
and in honor of,
well you know who you are,
it seemed apropos to have a pink day.

especially since i walked out of my building and

she was dashing ahead of me
to the subway.
she's getting my pink of the day award.
i'm instituting a pink-of-the-day award.

and then, of course, i
couldn't avoid it:

the gloves at fourteenth street...

the jacket at 23rd...
some things shouldn't be pink...

and some, well...

and then
(teach a girl to embed...)
the ultimate in glorious

stay til the last line.
and then, if you haven't seen
'funny face'
rent it.


  1. I'm tickled pink.
    - S.

  2. Somewhere, some sadistic bastard is saying the exact same thing about low-rise jeans. Curse the fashionistas!

    How have I missed Funny Face all these years? I'm putting it in the Netflix queue now...

    Do we have more pink to look forward to? February is the one month I indulge in pink. It's out of character for me but kind of fun!

  3. I am going to work on getting that Pink of a Day award. I have lots of very pink pics on my blog...but I will let you know when I post the award!!!


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