Sunday, February 15, 2009

weekend hodgepodge

nothing cultural at all unless
you (as i do) deem television of
cultural interest.
caught up with sam axe and
michael weston on burn notice
after hunting and gathering at
two urban meccas of gastronomy:
whole foods and fairway.

i can now get through the week
without starving.

made a large pot of mediocre chili -
not as good as last month's
mainly, i fear, because i ran out of
chili de arbol. come's now word from texas
that a certain ingredient i take for granted
has no business being in there.
But no wonder - the basic recipe i start with
comes from Feasts of Santa Fe
by Huntley Dent who was evidently raised
in Mississippi.

teach me to mention chili in an email to a Texan.


  1. Hi there Magpie, thanks for your lovely message. I too only managed to look at a fraction of the entrants to OWOH and I only entered the ones where I loved the giveaway. I cannot believe that I was lucky enough to win 2 of them. I never normally win anything! You'll notice that I entered yours as I love your photographic collages - especially the brown paper one. I too will continue to read your blog as I agree that we obviously see things visually in a similar way!

  2. A-ha! Two of my new favorite blog artists - Nicky and Magpie - have found each other. Life is perfect today.
    ----- Susan


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