Wednesday, March 11, 2009

anecdotal evidence

why banks are failing.
this from a friend

She closed her account at ******* *** bank back in February.
Yesterday comes a statement that her balance
has fallen "below the minimum" and
the bank will therefore have to charge her $3.

She calls and is told that the matter
will be taken care of. The bank calls
back to inform her of the one cent balance
in her account. They cannot negate the amount.
They will have to send her a check.

For $0.01

Incidentally, they mention, sending a check
will cost the bank $10. Not counting
the 42 cents
it will cost to mail.

Sensible woman that she is,
she offers to visit the bank.

To collect the penny.

Before the bank officer surrenders it,
the penny,
he insists that she produce identification
and fill out a withdrawal form.

Four pages long.

For the penny.

In the end he gave her the coin
telling her it was the shiniest
and newest one he could find.

unfortunately my friend is not
a ten year old with pigtails.

1 comment:

  1. ugh, just ridiculous. did the name of said bank begin with "c" by any chance?


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