Thursday, March 26, 2009

blogging and happiness, chicken and egg?

i can be as gloomy as the next person...

wait (the voice taps me on the shoulder)

how can you tap me on the shoulder,
disembodied internal voice?

never you mind about that. (it continues)
darling, don't be modest,
you are not merely capable of being
as gloomy as the next person.
you are a guru of gloom, an empress of ennui,
an angst adept...

okay enough with the alliteration.
and dont call me darling.
your point?

...a mistress of misery...

because i was going to make a point. to wit:
since beginning this bloggish enterprise
(and despite the state of the economy and the world)
it's been notably lacking in the negative
and, as you point out,
that ain't usually who i am.

...diva of depression?...

of course i try to be upbeat here, yet
even my shadow blog, poison pencil, has wanted
for nasty, lo, these many weeks.
all it can show for itself are youtube videos of the
nostaligic (hyperdrive by the starship,
2 versions of queen's somebody to love) and guilty
(kelly clarkson's my life would suck without you)

so the carriebradshavian question becomes
do we blog because we're happy or
does blogging make us happy?

as any diarist or journalista will point out
1. writing it down is good for heart and soul

and cerainly 2. carrying the camera everywhere
in the hope of creating content, if not art,
is stimulating.

also 3. having actual readers,
few but choice and articulate,
is pretty damn cool...

(whispers)...maestro of the morose...

okay have at it. knock yourself out.

...wizard of woe
apathy artist
sadness superstar
doyenne of the doldrums...


pretty much. they're getting
lame and thin...

it's the nymb's four month anniversary
and i'm still fairly upbeat so i guess whichever
came first doesn't matter as long as the
omelette is tasty.

thanks for being out there, all y'all.


  1. You blog every few days or so to make sure I don't have to worry about you. I don't do depression, I do worry. "Don't worry, be happy." Ha! No sooner do I get happy than I start worrying about how long will last.
    ----- S

  2. ha indeed.
    but it was meant to be funny
    and honest not worrisome...

  3. oh it was all of that ...did you see me shaking my head yes...i enjoy your space ...I do most of my blog reading in a "reader" makes it easier for me...ELK

  4. part of the reason i began blogging was to fight depression, and it has been working very well for a year and half now...

  5. Love this bit, so glad I clocked on it.


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