Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i miss Laurie Colwin

i don't know why it struck me
this morning.

perhaps the look of a girl on the subway platform
put me in mind of one of colwin's
memorable (and wonderfully named) heroines
- misty berkowitz from 'happy all the time' maybe, or
polly solo-miller demarest of 'family happiness'-
quirky and clever, witty, eccentric
and always turned out just so,
they inhabit a new york that i have
always suspected exists
just around the corner
if only i could find
the right corner.

i can, of course (and will)
reread the books - 8 novels and
2 wonderful collections of writing
about food (ah what a wonderful blogger she would be)
but what i miss are the characters
whose acquaintance i will never make
in the books she would have written.

laurie colwin would have been 65 in june.
she died in her sleep
at the age of 48 in october of 1992.

there's a wonderful piece
about her from the washington post here

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