Friday, March 13, 2009

nostalgia: the firesign theater

you know that album meme, the one where you're
supposed to reveal something of yourself by
choosing 15 albums that bring you back
to a time/place/event that changed you
(which i never completed because it
took an obsessive turn and lead to this)?
that one, nonetheless, that meme, reminded me about

this firesign theater album from 1968 which i needed to hear. immediately.
did i mention...
it finally arrived
(why does amazon take so long with only some things?)
and i have to say it's as relevant, topical and utterly hilarious
as i remembered. more so since i hear things i never heard. and appreciate things i didn't get then.

remarkable how much of this single album
became part of my internal language,
my personal catch phrases.

so i guess this is the first album answer
to that meme: this is the late 60's me,
wbai listening,
art school attending,
more naive than a new york city kid should
have been at that age but still...

catch it if you can.


  1. Forward into the past!

    Firesign Theatre is performing a live show April 24 in Monterey -- for details.

  2. and everything old is new again!
    if they do nyc i'm there.


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