Sunday, April 5, 2009

being interesting

about the meme from a few posts back:
(and I can never think the word meme without
thinking of marcel marceau and, sometimes,
shields and yarnell who used to perform on the
streets of san francisco in the 70s
and then, briefly, had a variety show...
but i digress...)

several of my tagees expressed admiration for
my post yet indicated that they didn't think
they would have interesting things to say.

wow, those were my thoughts, precisely,
when i began to answer the questions.
i've been sick at home for the last three days
with no desire to do anything creative or
intellectual and thought what the hell,
this is me at this moment - always
interesting to be able to look back and see
what was what even if it's boring as dry toast.

the revelation for me was that my mundane
was interesting to some people! Hey, maybe we're not
all as uninteresting as we think! one magpie's
grey is another magpie's yellow. or something.

actually the "interesting" issue came up for me
when i started to blog. i think i subscribed to
the wisdom to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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