Monday, April 6, 2009

the naming of blogs

the naming of blogs is a difficult matter...
or maybe it's an evolution'ry thing.

i've noticed other blogs whose urls don't match
their headers so i know i'm not alone in this.

i'm over the concept of posts as beads on a thread
and i haven't made them in a few years.
my focus (ahem) is on photography and i
still identify with the magpie -
feisty, chatty, a collector of this and that.

so, tada
a new york magpie's eye...

(if you've been so kind as to have a link
in your blogroll i'd be grateful
if you could change it accordingly)


  1. hey judy, changed it! nancy

  2. thanks! i see you're
    one of those who've evolved - shall i change my link that still says all pulped out?


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