Monday, April 20, 2009

playing catchup

the bare bones of an excellent weekend

first the summer day -
saturday, 77 degrees -
interpolated into the gray and
still-winterness, cosy and familiar,
that is new york in april...

it was more than i could handle:
all the shiny, happy people
milling about greenmarket
unfamiliar with the warmth,
gazing at the sky...

i went home and shifted my closets,
winter to spring/spring to winter
and created a massive pile of
giveaways, bringing up the carriesque question:
do our shoulders narrow as we age or
did i really buy all those lovely
jackets too large by THAT MUCH???

sigh. adieu lovely black wool armani jacket
bought for a song at loehmann's.

then there was yesterday:
taking in some eastern karma and
the wonderful early Netherlandish rooms at
the Metropolitan Museum
and meeting blogging friends from afar
in front of Breughel's Harvesters.

a quick review of Bonnard to prove S right
and then a leisurely cup of tea (coffee for D)
on the balcony overlooking the lobby
- a nice place for tea
(or, if someone were so inclined, to leave a letter box
hidden in the wall...i'm skeptical that the cleaning staff
would miss it, though, what with increased security & all...)

A walk across the park was followed by a
pleasant meal at an arbitrarily and fortuitously
selected restaurant.

as i said, bare bones. photos to follow.

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