Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tea with honey, und so weiter...

the cough persists.
it does not further to
pretend otherwise.
perseverance furthers.

have you ever read an i ching entry
where perseverance didn't further?
maybe it's just me.

the cough got bad enough so i
took myself to the doctor
to rule out, say, walking pneumonia.
i walked out of the office without
pneumonia of any kind
and a prescription for
codeine cough syrup.

i'm tryinig something
first although it doesn't seem to be
having an effect.

and in other news,
the cartoon below, from the new yorker
sums up my feelings about
the state of the world
pretty nicely.


  1. i couldn't agree more with the sentiment of that cartoon. and i hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh poor you! Hope whatever remedy you take works. I love New Yorker cartoons. That's a good one for now. My favourite one that I can rememebr at the moment is a two parter. The first picture is of a dramatic and disastrous situation unfolding. A man calls to a collie-"Lassie get help!"
    The second picture is of Lassie on the psychiatrist's couch!

  3. ah! Icky cough is no good at all! I will send healing thoughts your way.

    I agree with the cartoon sentiments as well!

  4. thanks for the good thoughts.

    sarah - that's one of my all time favorites too. it's the one that danny shanahan used on the cover of his first collection titled "lassie, get help". There's a wonderful selection of his work here

  5. only one way to go from here ...things have got to look up soon...elk


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