Friday, May 15, 2009


i've been listening to my 'walk of life radio' station on pandora thinking about
the concept of a remote machine sending me - for free - music it determines
there's a good chance i'll like.

what's astonishing to me is not so much that someone could
write the code for this
but that someone could realize that it was possible
to write the code.

which brings us to one of my favorite quotations...


  1. Make a favorite station consisting of 2 or 3 songs. Watch Pandora try to guess what else you'd like. Thumbs Down on all 'cause they aren't really in your head at all. Watch Pandora hiccup on THAT magic.

  2. I love that quote. It is what I think. It lets me out of trying to explain the inexplicable to children.(and myself) It is what people from the past would think. Marvellous!

  3. i've had really good luck with my pandora stations, even those based on only one or two songs. it definitely gets me through the work day.


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