Friday, May 8, 2009

uptown wednesday

I forgot
that the neue gallerie is closed
on wednesday
as well as monday
so i had to content myself with
caffe mit schlag at the cafe sabarsky.

for reasons unknown even to the
server, caffe mit schlag is $5
while caffe is $6.
and, just for the record,
no gratis refills.

followed by a few hours at the Met.

Roxy Paine (described in the Met's
press release as a provocateur)
has created a site specific installation
for the roof garden called 'maelstrom'.
a tangle of stainless steel pipe...
oh let the press release tell it:

...showcases the work of an artist keenly interested in the interplay between the natural world and the built environment, as well as the human desire for order amid nature's inherently chaotic processes.


getting up close made for a more intimate statement...

my desire for order amid
nature's inherent chaos
lead me to central park
which offered interplay enough
between departing outlines
of stark winter
and bright greens
of spring...


  1. your museum visits always fill me up...what amazing images you have here today...thanks so much for sharing this bit of NY

  2. i love roxy paine's work - saw the metal trees (and stones) in madison square park several summers ago. i wish i had one in my field. it's good to know there is a place i can see them again. also, that last shot is AMAZING, i am absolutely in love with it!


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