Thursday, June 25, 2009

another week, another bit of wreckage

last week for the ongoing wreck this journal project
i numbered the pages by hand.
the numbers were unsatisfying
so i covered them with one inch adhesive circles
and rubber stamped new numbers.
this gives the lower right corner of the book
a satisfying plumpness.

on sunday i set out
for the highline
to take the book for a walk
beginning at the
gansevoort stair.

there's something about that phrase -
the gansevoort stair -
that really appeals to me

At first the dragging
felt silly and self-concious.
i was a contortionist:
dragging the book, walking backwards and
shooting the video

after shooting, though
pulling the book along without glancing back,
i felt like a kid with a pull toy.

i don't remember every having a pull toy.

i felt as though i was furthering
the cause of something
i could not name.

there were few people
and if they reacted,
or even noticed
my subversive act
it was out of sight and
out of earshot.

at the 'amphitheater' at seventeenth street
i tried my first toss

and watched traffic for a bit
overlooking tenth avenue at seventeenth street

at the sixteenth street exit
i was ready for a more ambitious toss...

and a dash down the stairs lest the wreck be hijacked.

this blue was irresistible

after that i adjourned to starbucks
where i examined the damage/progress
and interleaved the wet pages with napkins.

later in the week i had my way
with the office supply pages

thursday morning i returned
to the sixteenth street stair.
and tossed again.
Lots of morning noise and that beeping
is a truck backing up.
a lot.


  1. Whoa!

    Hey-- come see what you and your photography inspired!

  2. Hey! I love the page with the office supplies!

  3. You are surelly having fun with wrecking. :)

  4. Oh oh! You are very brave! I thought: what a sound it makes when hitting the ground, like an egg oder an amimal....huah!
    Poor old journal! Rescue it! was my thought.
    And what a noisy place!
    What were the pages you have lost?

    I really like your pics! Wreck on!;)

  5. Such mad bravery---I like that you rushed down to *rescue* it...I would have done the same thing!! :)

    Very inspiring!!

  6. I love the whole photo essay feel of your wreckage. I wonder what it would be like to have a Wreck this Journal art exhibit? Hmm... I'm actually pondering that....

    What an awesome place to take your book for a walk - gorgeous textures, different sounds every time it's in a different place, it twirling and dancing. What fun.

  7. fabulous job at wrecking so far!

  8. WOW, that was quite the journal journey!

  9. i felt as though i was furthering
    the cause of something
    i could not name.

    Very cool insight and quote. I'd like to use it for my email sig for a bit, with of course proper credit given. May I?

    And while I cannot figure out what in the world you have actually done to the cover, I love it!

  10. This IS ART!!! I love the images you create through wrecking. Gorgeous!

    Peace & Love.

  11. I agree about the page numbers, I kinda got bored of them to, so this idea of making the page numbers make the book fat in one corner is lovely and one I can really appreciate! There is so much to love here though... Reminds me of where in the world is Barnaby Bear.... *grin* Except you have to guess where your journal is instead!

  12. You are, without a doubt, a World Class Wrecker! I'm inspired!

    I LOVE your journal cover! It is EXCELLENT!

  13. fun, fun, FUN! i, too, would have been in a panic that my poor baby would be gone by the time i got down the stairs. and i love your fondness of "corner plumpness." i like that idea too.

  14. Post-Its and Paperclips! I never thought I'd see such art from two lowly office supplies. FABULOUS!

  15. Funtastic! Your journal's journey is thrilling :) The office page looks like the plumage of a mechanical bird! :)

  16. saw this book months ago and
    passed it by
    thinking it foolish...

    the sharing aspect
    has made it
    in ways i never anticipated...

    thank you all
    commenters, and participants,
    for your
    to my, ahem, process.

    whatever havoc i wreak
    on the wreck
    is for all of you.

    god, that sounds just
    WAY too evita, doesn't it?

  17. Firstly...what a great post!! Love what you are doing to wreck it! And going along with you on the journey is great fun. Thanks for the tour of the Highline too. Haven;t made it there yet!

  18. Oh for heavens sake, just get a stroller and take that journal for a decent walk!
    ----- S

  19. Judy, I love your "wreck this journal" stories, they are so interesting! I need to dig up mine somewhere. That reminds me I posted some pictures of the workshop with Sabrina on my blog, you can check it out here if you'd like -

  20. Wowowow Judy! I love your pictures!! My FAVorite is the one of the book looking out of the rainy window. More than any other wrecker, it feels like your book has a personality all it's own. Maybe it's because you feature the book (I have no idea what you look like, in fact...very different from my own wrecking, where I am completely prominent). I also appreciate the poetry approach to blogging. Thanks for inspiring!

  21. omg what fun you have had! I love the PLOP as it hit the concerte, i cringed.. office supplies is a cool page!!

  22. AWESOME process, AWESOME pix, AWESOME story. Thank you for sharing so much. You have shown me a new angle to the book.

  23. What a beautiful presentation of poetry, photographs, and videos. This is a wonderful post. Keep up the amazing wreckage.


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