Monday, June 8, 2009

doing it right vs. tearing it up

a book designed to be defaced
and an online project
to do it
with relish.

non joiner that i am
i'm in nonetheless.

that's the book and part of breakfast.

i began yesterday,
sitting among the chairs
in the previous post.
feelings of trepidation,
worries about 'doing it right'
trying to be clever
i.e. "write your name in tiny letters:"

but that gave way to

still fairly straightforward...
a start at least


  1. What fun! The poetry of your post, the details of your wreckage, the beginning of an adventure!

  2. ah, the second page i did was rip it up!! it felt oddly liberating :)

  3. My journal is still wet from the shower! What fun, but I'm still a little uncomfortable with a few of the pages and others make me want to get right to them.

    I'm happy to be wrecking with this great crew!


  4. I love that you went with poetry for your first WTJ post!

    Wreck it,
    Wild Roaming One (WRO)

  5. love the photo backdrop of the road, and your poetic hello to wreckage.

  6. Great pictures and love the poetry! I have a daughter willing to help me with the 'difficult' pages. She is very eager to tie a string around the journal and drag it around the neighborhood. This might become a joint wreckage!

  7. Great start! Your photos are nice.


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