Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a little something lacking

i don't know
how it is where
you are
but here?
here it's been gray forever.
and damp...

i need an antidote.
here's some antidotal evidence
from better days.

and now i want a salad.


  1. it's been gray, cold, and foggy, especially in the morning. by this time during the summer i am usually well into my morning routine of rolling out of bed and going for a little walk, but i can barely open my eyes it's been so dismal this spring. and i have new sandals i bought weeks ago and still haven't worn. i like it hot, so i'm not very happy with this unseasonable weather...

  2. The sun finally broke through today! The light shining through the canopy of leaves is gorgeous. Wishing you green green green soon soon soon!

  3. The greenery has obviously benefited from the rain so don't be selfish :)


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