Thursday, June 18, 2009

margaret wozniak

i was going to wait
until i could photograph
some of the pieces
in my own collection
before talking about my friend maragaret wozniak
a ceramic artist of exquisite talent.

then i realized that she'll be at
the lincoln center crafts festival this weekend
(june 20-21, rain or shine)
check at the information booth for her location

if you can't visit her this weekend
see her work here

i'll let the work speak.


  1. oh wow. this is gorgeous. her work would be a perfect fit for the gallery in the woods in brattleboro vt, where i've seen some amazing ceramics, but i doubt she needs any help selling such beautiful pieces.

  2. Really beautiful. Thanks for this introduction to a great artist!

  3. I am speechless and will have to be going to lincoln center this weekend--I love everything --beautiful-c

  4. So whimsical. So peaceful. Wish I could come to the festival. Thank you for introducing such a fine artist. I envy your collection. :)


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