Monday, June 15, 2009

mixing media

take the d train, change to the r
get off at 45th...

mixed media, brooklyn,
sabrina ward harrison.
the email arrived on monday.
the workshop, saturday.

the not planning too far ahead
so suits me,
the jumping in.

i arrive in sunset park early,
have my coffee at the savoy bakery.
coffee's good,
thiebaudesque cake slices
visually luscious...

if i were going to start digressing
i'd embed...oh what the hell...
cool 7 minute segment from
cbs sunday morning
on theibaud...

the rain lets up long enough
to allow a group of strangers
to congregate under a sycamore tree

after eyes closed contemplation
writing exercises and sharing of words
we pack up in anticipation of rain
and adjourn to a secret location
a few blocks away.

the floor is spread with blankets
and plastic. boxes and backpacks
yield their caches: paper, books, pens,
crayons, paint and ink,
scissors and glue, tape and
ribbon, fabric, doilies...

we climb to the roof
under a threatening sky.

some words from sabrina

and canvas is spread
along with fruit and humus...
pizza is delivered


and the process of

after a tentative start
(much canvas still visible)
hands and feet get into the act

and the canvas, declared done,
is whipped about in the hope that it will dry...

i'm drawn to the drips...

the canvas is left hanging
off the roof...
in the rain
and we return to the workroom...

the day ends with works still in progress.

the canvas, not yet dry
is wind whipped

and sabrina signs books


  1. magpie-thiebaud would be proud --great post about living and creating with joy-c

  2. what a wonderful way to spend the day!
    great words, felt like i was there,
    love the photos and art!

  3. wow... this post, and this experience had me holding my breath... thanks for sharing this incredible time with us... Roxanne

  4. Waaaaaaah. Whine. Whine. I was left out! Great pictures. Thanks.


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