Wednesday, June 3, 2009

quantum leaping

i've never been an
early adopter,
waiting, instead, for
proof of perfection
or at least
a justification
of the expense involved
in technological leaps.

and while i still
don't own a cell phone,
i have, at last,
hooked myself up with
these internets
and at high speed.

wonders will never cease.

yesterday evening
ahmed from the future,
(it was wednesday in india)
talked me through
the first steps and then
took control of my laptop -
an out of continent
if not out of body,

my desktop dell is so old
- usb 1.1 anyone? -
that i had to buy
a wireless adapter today
which is now
lovely green bars.

it gives new meaning to the inscription
on this bracelet ... the net indeed.

leaping still further
i posted my first youtube vid -
a meander through a birthday party,
certainly of interest
only to the parties involved
yet so satisfying
that i intend to plunder my files
for the little videos i've made on my travels.

be warned.


  1. Congrats on the leap into the high speed world!

  2. congrats!
    this isn't satellite internet you're talking about is it?

  3. l.a. - thanks
    m. - mwahahahaha.
    little steps. just the slowest high speed wireless verizon has to offer.

  4. oh good. because satellite is a nightmare ripoff. i have the slow high speed verizon too and it's been fine. beyond fine really, as the satellite was $$$, slow, limited daily download/upload (no streaming radio or big files), and cut out whenever it was cloudy. never mind what an electrical storm anywhere along the east coast used to do to it.

  5. I hope your new connection to the web brings you lots of joy!

    Right now, I am not able to watch your videos (peeking via one of those mini-computers), but I am looking forward to do so, especially the MoMo fountain!


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