Thursday, June 4, 2009


when i remember that my camera has
video capability, i usually find myself
shooting water.

this is the fountain at

i wonder if the halting motion and the
digitization (which i didn't see at the office)
is the result of my new fangled, la di da
wireless connection
and whether you see it smoothly
both image wise and
in terms of, well, flow

p.s. if the stopping and starting is too much, at least check out the sparkle at about 50 seconds in...


  1. i think it's more a result of the compression that youtube puts on the video!

  2. watching this makes me think of the ocean, rain, a fizzy glass of ginger ale, then of squeezing my eyes shut tight on a very sunny day. the last part looks like animation. really cool.

  3. via wireless I had fountain interruptus. but good white noise and images.


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