Friday, June 19, 2009

visiting the wrecktory, part iii

this has been an especially
destructive week
here at the wrecktory.
i've found myself pulled in many,
uh, diwrecktions.

if this makes no sense
check out the perpetrator jamie ridler

and, lest we forget, the inspiration, keri smith

the why page has a companion:
the not page:

telling me to play with fire
is probably

as the incense
simmered on the page
i dashed for my camera...

don't you love
the glimpse of
knife in the sink?

the aftermath
& collateral damage

this might have been a good time to
bring the journal into the shower...
instead i simply watered it

and that was merely the
beginning of the week.

the cover had to be dealt with.

...wasn't satisfying. hence...

then came scratch and sniff...

i found myself twisting
the paper from a straw
and found it necessary
to tie it into the project
by way of some ginko holes
punched in the title page...

three pages sheared

fruit (and cheese) sticker page
phase one.
produce courtesy of whole foods

some of these stickers
followed me home and
hopped onto the page!


  1. Look like you had a busy wrecking week! Great Work! Keep going ... :)

  2. You said that you liked my office supply page and that you wanted to work where I worked -- I work at home! LOL My husband liked my work space so much that he now works from home, too! LOL

    You did some fantastic wrecking. Really destructive stuff. Fire, water, scents, cutting - great job! Your fire video was great. I was in a minor panic just watching.

  3. Great wreckage. :) Love the burning of the page.
    x Natasha x

  4. Wow, what a fruitful week (don't mind the pun there) you've had. I'm so envious of your fruit stickers. And I love your front cover .... it's hurting my brain trying to work out how you've done that! Loving it.
    Think I'm going to go and burn 'that' page in mine now too.

    Bright Blessings.

  5. Fruit and cheese and a little bit of wine? Perfwrecktion! :)

  6. You've been up to some delicious destruction in the wrecktory! No wonder those stickers wanted to come along for the fun. Now I gotta get outta here before they find this perp encouraging more chaos and fire!

  7. I like that your journal had to contend with "ME" right on the cover. Happy wrecking!

  8. I like your video of the project - just the right speed! Unlike the classic sand painting, the destruction is caught as part of the process, Wonderful!

  9. Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooove the burning and the cover wrecking --- FABU!!! Happy destruction wrecking joyfulness to you!

  10. Wonderful fun at the wrecktory!

  11. Looks like you are using all of the elements while wrecking this book.
    Good Work!

  12. I was wondering if the whole thing would catch on fire:) Great job!

  13. you made me laugh at the stickers following you son was floored when i told him that i sneaked a couple of stickers onto the fruit that i did buy!!

  14. I love the imagery of the fruit stickers following you home & jumping onto the page via their own accord. It's like a little Pixar movie in my head.

    Keep making those messes! And if you want to walk your book with me this week, let me know. I could use a companion!

  15. Your "Not" page is the best!!!

  16. Nice work!! I had fun with the burning this week too:) Love how much you destroyed this week...

  17. Well done! And, just to be on the safe side, I'd suggest you hide your library card for a while.

  18. I am so inspired by your brilliant wrecking! What a wonderful job!
    Thank you!

  19. I love your "not" page! And "wrecktory" - delightful!

  20. I knew as soon as I saw the title that this was going to be good! Thanks for sharing!

  21. brilliant. loved the video! performance art!


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