Friday, June 12, 2009

wreckage, part the second

posting once a week can't
contain the juggernaut
that is wreck this journal
so this is a compendium

i am relishing the permission:
to rip, to stain
to gnaw and staple...yes,
but best of all
to scribble with unrestrained, unremitting thoughtlessness

how long since
i've made
marks so thoroughly

did i ever?

hidden among these
deceptively simple
rebellion, revolution,

wednesday afternoon

our story so far:

coffee has been spattered
on a page called one hundred two.

migrating to the following page,
to the pencil/bullet holes,
an air of accident...

fat and thin lines
have been questioned

and the page
torn in strips
is now stapled
to the one that wanted

intrudes upon the drawing
done on the subway
between spring street and
penn station...

a page asks why?

and i'm beginning to see a narrative


this morning i lost a page
on the way to the
art supply store.

i jettisoned it
on a bench
in the
spring street station.

at work i added some color
at last
to the four letter word page.
scanned it, photoshopped it,
printed it and put the
new page into the journal.

to be continued


  1. Fantasimagoically wonderful! I loooove seeing the photo of the page you lost on the station bench -- I can't help but wonder who found it! The way you stapled up the ripped strips is lovely! What fun...
    Happy continual wrecking to you!!

  2. So true that this destructive energy cannot be contained!! The glory of it all!

    I loved seeing your week's adventure and all the places the book is taking you and you're taking the book!

    Poetry! Wild! Abandon!

  3. You are SO brave...I am DREADING the lose-this-page page...but am so inspired by your jettison...methinks I need to re-frame it..

    Fabulous stuff!!

  4. oh wow! This post totally freaking rocks!!
    Such fabulous pics and most excellent "wrecking".

    I have to let loose a bit more....still feeling a bit too guarded in my wrecking.

  5. Very cool. A busy book. I like the idea of photocopy and alter and putting back in. More insipration

  6. You are the official WTJ poet laureate. This was so cool to read. Happy Wrecking!

  7. It's good to know that I won't be the only one on the NYC subway drawing lines! I love that you've taken this out into the world, leaving your lost page for someone to find on Spring Street. Makes me think twice about tearing out the page at home & tossing it into the garbage.

  8. I love that you are interacting with the city and anonymously with it's citizens. THat is very cool to me.

  9. Wonderful! I love that you left the page on the bench. What a grand idea! Someone else probably came across that, pondered, laughed, questionned. Awesome!

  10. I wonder who found the page and what they thought -- what they did with it -- ignore it, throw it away, smile? Too wonderful! You've been busy and I love your writing.

  11. Wowza, you have done so much already! Awesome wrecking. :)

  12. You are such a cool wrecker!!! I, too, love the idea of leaving the page for someone else to find.

    Looking forward to seeing your next series of pics.

    Have a great week of wrecking.

  13. have been busy! I also got a great idea for my LOSE THIS PAGE now that I saw your post!

  14. Love what you have done to some of your pages. LOL!

  15. Love all of your wreckage so far! And to top it off you made it sound so poetic!

  16. O heavens! You are a Creative wrecking inspiration! I swayed and smiled to poetic crimes!

  17. I am loving this --I want one!! c

  18. There is some great wrecking in there. Love it all!

  19. Wonderful pictures Judy!
    The birds are winging their way...

  20. The poetry, the photos - beautiful! The wrecking inspired. I love that a stranger somewhere is now connected to our journey via you lost page...

  21. What a kaleidoscope of wrecking fun! Your destruction is most creative :)

  22. I love this post and all of your wreckage and words! Love the hand one, especially!

  23. A truly amazing fascinating post!
    Creativity can't be restrained can it!

  24. What an unusual approach to art and life! It's very refreshing and so unique.

  25. I am so inspired by what you have done with your journal this week!

  26. so poetic - love the black and white feel! looking forward to our adventures in wrecking!


  27. Wrecking has turned to creating! What a wonderful poem and some great images and thoughts on wrecking!


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