Monday, July 6, 2009

disparate elements

some days i feel like shooting
just about everything
that catches my eye...

on friday i think i was observing everything
intently in preparation for the onslaught
that is the francis bacon show
at the metropolitan museum.

i don't usually push myself to shows that
'i should see'.
not a fan of the work,
i wanted to give it a fair viewing
since my opinion has been formed mainly by
viewing reproductions.

i even listened to the audioguide.

no photos allowed.
no problem.

i did not see in these works
"one of the most important painters of the century."
i saw neither technical virtuosity nor innovation.
i saw ugliness for its own sake
without reason, devoid of passion.

i didn't believe the emotions
that attempt to roil these canvases
nor did i feel the emotions
they were intended to elicit.

i felt only tired.

i've given francis bacon all the attention
that i ever will.


  1. Good for you! Sometimes it makes sense to be discriminating, eh?

    Oh, and you have so inspired me on the photo scene.

    Hope you'll stop by and have a look. Today's post will be pix...still trying to decide if I want a theme.


  2. doesnt it feel good to say.. enough of Francis Bacon?
    I vey much am enjoying following your WTJ""one of my favorites for sure

  3. Amen! My sentiments exacty. Personally, I find it scary that he's seen as of "one of the most important painters of the century."

    Now someone who reminds us that there's beauty at every turn (I love your photos)... that's my idea of an important artist. We're reminded of the ugliness in the world every day by the news and the media. Those who spotlight the beauty are the important ones, thank you very much!

  4. It's quite lengthy, but you might enjoy reading this piece from Jed Perl/The New Republic on the retrospective...


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