Friday, July 31, 2009

diving into the wreck

one of my favorite lines
in literature
from the poem by adrienne rich:

the thing I came for:
the wreck and not the story of the wreck
the thing itself and not the myth

i have thought of it many times
during these two months
of the wreck this journal project
and dismissed any connection
between this project and the poem
(thinking the project somehow 'less',
the poem being as extraordinary as it is...)

yet perhaps it isn't so farfetched
to think this exploration
as significant:
seeking something of myself.

and discovering?
still uncertain
exactly what.

the last of the pages -
i've decided that the journal
will be complete -
in whatever state -
at the end of the month

the poem can be read (or listened to, anne waldman reading) here

the pencil rubbing was done with this milagro studded
i had high hopes.


  1. Great pages! This is such an inspiring project x

  2. You have been having waaay too much fun with this! :-)

  3. I can see why you don't want this project to end. I love the sketches and colors.

  4. that journal seriously makes a great playmate. I think it's good that you've picked an end date ... I'm sure the inspiration will carry over at random points from here to there.

    I have to say that I am quite amazed by what came out of this project.

  5. Where's the page with the paperclips, like pop-ups?!! Nothing is sacred - that's how I read your wrecking - yet it is.

  6. I really love your journal, such beautiful art.
    Adrienne Rich- yes, read her too, when I was younger. (Must read her again in English.)
    BB, hope we will share the next adventure together!

  7. LOL Nothing is Sacred! So, tell me... Did you
    already have that clipping and were saving it for just such an occasion or did it leap out from a magazine yelling at you "look at me - I'm perfect for that journal page"? Great fun.

  8. some beautiful pages you have created!

  9. Today's post reminds me of when I first really took notice of you, when you wrote that quote I so loved:
    i felt as though i was furthering
    the cause of something
    i could not name.

    The thing I have enjoyed about the book is that it is so silly on the surface, but actually unveils something mythic and epic. I don't think it is beneath the most beautiful poem in the world.

    Gotta go see this poem now. Thanks so much for your wonderful part of this fun and epic journey.

    Oh yeah, and after this, nothing is sacred! So funny.

  10. terrific wrecking throughout.. cracked up over the "crack the spine" ..your blog inspires me

  11. This is such a cool journal and your additions have made it even better.

  12. Harmony happiness & love. I love your little guy's. Thanks I read the poems. And gave me a deeper meaning . I alway appreciate the beauty of the past and found objects. But did not realize the depth of it in every way we do things. This was awesome.
    I too can see this is the beginning of a new understanding.

  13. Ooooh, just love all your wreck work and thank you for sharing this journey with us! You're a wreck star! :)

  14. you are a gorgeous wrecker. i am so glad i shared the experience with you!

  15. wasn't that watermelon a little tough to digest?

  16. What wonderful pages and beautiful explorations. I absolutely love the connection of the poem to the project, the way it reminds us to be with. Thank you for sharing it. I wrote it in my journal.


    I'm so glad you've been on this journey! It's been great to connect.

  17. "I came to see the damage that was done
    and the treasures that prevail."

    I hadn't thought about this poem in years, but I see the connection.

    Thanks for sharing the journey. You're a wreck star!

  18. Your pages are wonderful. The fruit sticker page is amazing in itself. Thanks for sharing this journey. It has been so much fun.


  19. These are some amazing wrecked pages!

  20. There is something very poetic and profound about your wrecking style. I found myself captivated by the words and pictures as it unfolded.

  21. a wreckquiem
    ...the one pun i forgot to use...

    to all you wonderful & creative wreckers, thanks for your amazing energy, your encouraging comments, your vast stores of humor and your willingness to share the journey. this was my first such experience online & you all made it extraordinary.

    i bow deeply to each and all.

  22. I had not heard that poem, but it sure does go right along with this journal. I love how different each page is from artist to artist. I don't think I will ever get over it - that we all had the same book in the beginning and not one of them resembles each other now.

    Thanks so much for being a part of the group!
    Kristin - The Goat

  23. I love what you did with yours...I need to pull mine out and actually use it!


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