Monday, July 13, 2009

hollywood on the hudson

big excitement.
a film shoot at the office

it took more people more hours to put together
what will likely be three minutes on screen
than it takes to put out the entire bloody paper.

but hey, it keeps the economy going.

this is jennifer aniston's desk. she plays nicole.

she shot a scene in the bathroom because
someone liked the way the bathroom looked.

these are the extras. they got to sit in the
basement. they spent a lot of time waiting.
most of the day, actually.
when everyone broke for lunch they had to wait
on line because the crew goes first.

here's the office.

here's a track for a tracking shot

here's a phony pulitzer prize winner.

and here are some fake front pages for
the features section.

evidently drew barrymore is set to shoot
here on wednesday night.
now that newspaper's are dying
we seem to be hot.

1 comment:

  1. How fun! Thanks for inside peek!

    But I'm so sad about newspapers. It's going to be weird to outlive what started my career.


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