Thursday, July 23, 2009

more buried treasure

heeding seth's call to once again go all indiana jones on our blogs...

may 14, 2009: peeling paint and morocco

i was going to post only this
wabi sabi image. when i went to find
the mayjpegs folder in which it resides
i clicked morocco 2008 instead
and couldn't resist adding a bit of north african warmth...

for more morocco you can go to the galleries
here and

december 30, 2008 signs and symbols: paris

the post no bills sign
reminded me of signs, symbols
and street art i photographed
in paris years ago

the list of names - a mystery.

january 26, 2009: play

creative every day
offers an opportunity to
stay focused
become inspired
keep at it
have fun

the theme at the moment is play.
which reminded me of
children in guatemala
who always seem to remind me to lighten up...


  1. Man, these photos of Morocco and Guatemala are great. Makes me want to visit them. Thanks for reposting them.

  2. Some great images here. Where do I sign up for your fan club?

  3. Kelly - they're two of the most wonderful places in the world to photograph. Especially in Guatemala which hasn't yet been overrun with tourists wielding cameras....or should that be cameras wielding tourists?

    David - i blush. but not so much that i wont mention my photography site at

  4. you have such a brilliant eye for images ... again, I thank you. *sighs ... deep satisfied sighs*

  5. Your photographs are wonderful, I love the man sitting with his knees up and his hands outstretched, relaxed. And the children. So much beauty. Thank you... Roxanne

  6. wow. truly wonderful shots. congrats on the POTD mention.

  7. I found you through Seth and am I ever glad I did. Your photographs are amazing and I felt like I was right there with you in Africa and Guatemala. You have a really good eye for both people and landscapes.


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