Monday, July 20, 2009

return to the wrecktory

i hadn't done much
in the way of wrecking
last week.
maybe i was exhausted from having
to pack up my desk
in anticipation of the film crew
that invaded my office last saturday.

maybe it was the plundering of
my own blog for the
'buried treasure'
on thursday

or maybe i've fallen victim to the
malaise that seems to be plaguing
a number of
us wreckers...
knowing that the project is winding down
perhaps we're winding down too.

to the rescue: connie of
dirty footprints studio
with a video and an award for five...
myself among their esteemed company.

so there was something to live up to.
herewith, new pages and alterations on old faves...

the cover acquired a little buddah, the back cover
a photograph of mine from guatemala which
i'm using in a collaborative project

i was never going to play golf
with the fruit sticker page
so the fruit stickers are colonizing the
golf page

circles, drawn and manipulated in photoshop


  1. Am I just squeamish today or does that picture of the skeleton with the nut cracker make you squirm everytime you open your book, lol! I guess that is how our journals must feel when they see us coming with food, fire, scissors, water ... again!

    I love love love your newspaper page - that's a great way to make it more visually interesting!

    Congrats on your award dahlink!

  2. Wow, these pages are all brilliant! I'm glad you kept going with your wrecking and congratulations on that fab award!!:-)

  3. I'm enjoying all your wreckage. :) But lean onto the circle page a tiny bit more as it was the "type" of drawing I did when I was about 10 or 11 yrs old. I still remembered vividly the exercise book I used to draw and to fill up all these circles.

    Since I made the conscious decision to "come out" as a writer few years ago, I went back to draw this types of circles. Don't know why but the process of filling circles with color is very soothing!

    So you see, this circles are very special to me and I'm glad to see other people are doing them!

    And congrat on the award!

    ** Thank you for sending me a email respond re my post. It's greatly appreciated. I'm contemplating on all comments and might write a separate post as my respond. So stay tune, fellow wrecker and fellow creatives! :)

    *** Wonder what's causing you unable to leave a comment! I re-check my setting - it's fine. Basically, I let everyone (incl non-Blogger site like typepad etc) to leave comments. A while ago, when I was using Internet Explorer Browser, I had troubles of leaving comments on other blogs. Since then I've changed to Firefox and so far so good. Hope this helps.

  4. mega cool pages~~the photoshoped circles are wonderful.. so much depth.. and transparency.I want to eat at your house, lookit all those fruit stickers~~!!

  5. You've dose amazing wrecking! :)

  6. I am so in awe of having got to hold this book of yours the other day! I particularly liked the paperclip page because it was like a pop-up book, the likes of which I cannot resist opening anywhere - knowing it will be wrecked one day by a little unrecognized genius!

  7. It's such a wonderful wrecking, that you present. Zen-like, full of grace, I simply love it! :)

  8. Beautiful journal you keep!
    I have given an award to your blog (pics and rules on mine: Lula

  9. holy smokes! that's a wrecked journal to sink ones teeth into ... there's so much goodness!

  10. Congrats on the award! How wonderful that it infused some energy into the wreckage. Lots of deliciousness here!

  11. Just love this post of yours! Went to see Baron Storey's journals this week and this is another super Journal journey for me.


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