Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sunday @ MoMA

i always find myself shooting
people more than art
at the museum of modern art...

children dashing
seemed to be a theme
at the drawing show -
compass in hand: selections from
the judith rothschild foundation
contemporary drawings collection
- at MoMA

i was especially delighted
to see ray johnson respresented

a performance piece by
roman ondák - measuring the universe-
is kind of a wonderful...

in an empty white gallery
visitors have their height marked
on the wall with a line,
a notation of their first name and the date.
this will continue for the length of
the piece - until september 14.

way cool.


  1. Wonderful, I like the photos you make!
    I wish I could go to MOMA too. (Haven't been to the states so far....)

  2. I agree with you here...I love to watch how people interact with art at a gallery. How do they feel, what is their reaction: their body language, the art that their shadow creates as they react, etc.

    I adore your blog and find it to be a daily artistic inspiration to me.


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