Thursday, July 9, 2009

this week in wrecktification

monday morning.
wreck week six

this is the wrecking instruction
i most feared. therefore
i needed to confront it.
after binding the journal
with duct tape,
i threw caution
and the wreck
to the winds.
which is to say
i delivered it
into the hands
of the us postal service.

this is the main post office
at eighth avenue between thirty first
and thirty third streets in
it's the mother of all post offices.
it's zip code is 10001

the line was long so i thought
i'd try the automated
package mailing

but it was so impersonal.
i wanted real stamps
not a printout.
i wanted stickers.

at the thirty third street window
i expressed this desire
and, after my assurances that there
were no incendiary devices,
no liquids, etc. contained within,
i got my wish.

tuesday afternoon.
separation anxiety.
i'm waiting
imitation patiently

tuesday evening.
mirabile dictu
none the worse for wear
and somewhat anticlimactically
the (briefly) prodigal journal
has been returned to me

thursday morning.
not sure what it means
but i found it fascinating
that last night when i sliced my finger
while cutting a pineapple
the first thing i thought of was...


  1. You made me laugh so hard that the first thing you thought of after maiming yourself was to use your blood to wreck!

    I hope you heal fast!

    Congrats on conquering the mailing demon...I've been putting it off...

  2. i have to say that i find myself thinking of the journal at the weirdest times too!!
    your postal service is fast!

  3. That is too funny about the blood stain. It's taking over our lives! Help!

  4. Great idea!
    I am damm sure, that it's not possible to send the journal unpacked via German post, for this is the land of the squareheads...
    But I must admit, I haven't ask yet.

  5. I didn't realize anyone was still playing Post Office.

  6. I know what you mean - grab the journal. Before it was just grab the camera, now it's journal and camera!! :) Your journal looks great now with all the stamps, tape & stickers on it from it's journey through the mail!

  7. Sorry you cut your finger and blood was involved. Hmmm I accidently put my lunch on the Stain log....guess thats a good thing!

  8. yup. ditto. what she said. and what she said too. ;) always got the journal in the back of my mind.

  9. At first It looked like you had the ideal to drop it off the building by the tall photo. Ten I started reading. LOL. Glad you got your book back happy wrecking.

  10. That's what I call a post office! My local PO is inside a chemists! (drugstore). And yes, you were right about waiting for the stamps - much better!

  11. You're born to Wreck This Journal. It is in your blood! :)

  12. I'm going back to my hometown next week, so I've been waiting for that trip, to mail my journal back to me. It's 1200 miles. I'm really nervous. I'm glad you did it - :) how exciting. Funny about the stain log lol

  13. omg that is one intimidating Post Office.. yikes!!

    You are SICK< SICK>> !!! blood in your book. WTJ has permeated your brain.. you are" one with wrecking"

    snerk!! wish i had bled this week..

  14. Judy, this is waaaaaaaaaay cool.
    My last comment got eaten up!

  15. Brave and bold wrecking! What a great journey! :)

  16. Uu, they let you take pictures in the post office?!?! :) Great one! Hope you get your journal in the mail.

  17. You inspired me to send my journal to myself this week. I want fun stamps and post office stickers too!

  18. Isn't it interesting that the first thought after something like slicing your finger is to wreck the journal. That just seems to be the way now. I make a mess and think, "where's my journal?" Nice wrecking!

  19. I have given you a little award on my creative blog.

  20. Well, if you're going to cut your finger, you might as well have a spot to record it, right? Who knew how handy a stain log would come in!

    The stamps and priority stickers rock. I love that you got a picture of the postal worker in action too!


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