Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tomorrow: buried treasure

seth at the altered page
has sent out a call for bloggers to unearth our
'buried treasures' - posts from the past -
and repost them tomorrow to give new viewers
a chance to see some of what we regard as 'our best'
without having to do a virtual dumpster dive
into our archives.

me...i kind of enjoy that process - paging back through
the months (years?) when i discover a
startling/inventive/wonderful new site.

still i'm always game for new eyes
so i'll be participating tomorrow.
i thought i'd jump start today with these
from january
just because they're in keeping with yesterday's

going through even as brief as blog as mine -
begun around thanksgiving last year - yields
so much that i'd forgotten and it's difficult to
choose from among them.

any suggestions?

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