Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i once took a train from
copenhagen to berlin
(before the wall came down)
because i noticed a piece in
the international edition
of Time magazine about
a Kurt Schwitters show there.

i only bring this up because
a) it's one of my few memories
directly associated with art and
b) kind of cool, right? and
c) it serves to introduce this work
because i can't think of collage,
found art or torn paper
without bowing to the master

and by 'work'
i mean these photographs
taken at the
spring street subway station
after the removal
of advertising posters.


  1. Love these old crumbled, shapes and marks that can only be made by chance over time. Great eye. What a great art adventure that must have been to get to see the Kurt Schwitters exhibit!

  2. Sis - once more I fall in love with your all-seeing eyes.
    ----- S

  3. Very like ice breaking up after a thaw, a release of sorts.

  4. There's nothing like those weathered layers of texture, such amazing colors and shapes form...
    love these.

    It made me go searching for a specific photo I took in NY (the top one in the post)

  5. Great, great shots. They totally inspire me!!


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