Friday, July 24, 2009

wreckless abandon

i'm concerned about the approaching
official end of the wrecking

i've begun several visual journals to help with
withdrawal, yet this project has meant a great deal
& i'll be sorry to see it (officially) end.

of course, once begun, wrecking is not merely
a single journal but a way of life...

with apologies to stephen sondheim
when you're a wreck you're a wreck all the way...

so this week:
i threaded a golden ribbon through the journal

and removed the duct tape...i rarely mix silver and gold

taped in this old rob brezsney horoscope that i've had
stuck to my computer for, evidently, more than two and a half years...

elaborated on the good thoughts spread

doodled over the doodle over page

described the boredom of waiting for the Met to open

sewed the crumpled page to the drip something here page
with a layer of bubble wrap between

and did an envelope doodle.


  1. I have the same feeling: Sorry to let this go. But I'm happy, we all can start a new book together.
    And as my daughter has given her journal up, I will do a second one. (But it won't be the same like the first)
    However, it will be something I will look through over and over again.

  2. Such lovely drawing and doodles ... the gold & silver ... simply beautiful ... It's always a joy to start any new project and hard to part with an old one. But I believe part of the wrecking is also about letting go. To me, part with the journal is easier than parting with fellow wreckers ...

  3. I feel the need to start another journal too, an art journal, somewhere to keep playing..

  4. So much beauty.

    I too thing this has opened up a new way of life. I'm a wreck all the way!

  5. Delightful! I love the limited palette. All the black and white drawing. The gold and the kind of beige drips.


  6. Have you ever seen old Flair magazines? You would love them. Your cityscape reminds me of one I have with Saul Steinberg meditations on the city.

  7. SWEET!!!
    I absolutely LOVE your boring event of waiting for the MET to open! It's all about perspective, eh? Me - coming from a small town in Canada would be "screaming" while waiting to get into the fab museum!!
    Excellent artwork, and I too, feel a sense of anti-climatic wrecking that I don't want to be over.
    Great post!
    Great blog!

  8. I really love the black and white doodling and details in your artwork! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful comments!

  9. Really nice line drawings!!!!Love the spiraling good thoughts...I send more of those to you!

  10. wrecked, perhaps ... loved, mhmm, I'd say so. I think I need to start from the beginning and see just how it got here. :)

  11. I can't believe we're down to the last week, and have yet to have our wrecking date. If your wrecking lasts beyond next Fri, let's try to get together - my wrecking will be happening until at least Labor Day, I think!

    I read what you wrote in describing your "boring event", and found it so interesting that you'd go to the Met knowing you don't like what they're showing. Are you a glutton for punishment or just have a very open mind? :)

  12. I just absolutely love your aesthetic! That envelope doodle rocks!!! Beautiful, beautiful work.

  13. I know what you mean about losing the wreckers! I'll miss catching up with what you all do every Friday.

  14. you guys rock, er, wreck.
    it's been an excellent adventure.

    wrightstuff: you can still check out my blog every friday if you like...

    jennifer lee: i didn't realize i had an aesthetic!

    hybrid j: lets not! come back & see me sometime

    lawenda: looking forward to the bag tree!

    alex: yes! let's keep it up!

    jamie: there are virtually no words with which to thank for you this

    rowena: it means a lot to have the limited palette appreciated...

    gemma: thanks for the good thoughts - back atcha

    melinda: you so rock. love your blogs

    boho mom: awww...come to the city! see the art!

    artsparker - to be compared in any context with steinberg - i swoon!

    3rd eye: i got here one page at a time :)

  15. I love your envelope doodle. You are very creative. Happy wrecking see ya next week.

  16. Such lovely pages, totally deserve a big golden bow! :) Keep on wrecking!!!

  17. Amazing wrecking! As this journey ends, I will miss visiting with my fellow wreckers and will miss sharing...

  18. I love how you keep transforming your journal -you keep exploring new possibilites. I find that truly inspiring. And all your work is so beautiful & cool!

  19. I love your artwork - It looks so effortless yet intricate. I still haven't filled in my good thoughts page...I like your interpretation.

    I'm a little sad to see this book end, but I sure have had a good time. It's been the best summer book I've ever had! :)

  20. You are the world's best doodler ... EVER!
    The 2 doodle pages are gorgeous. ANd the horoscope reads like a prose poem. Really nice.

    ANd I will miss this too. Every time I sit down to look at everyone's pages, I come out of our office with a huge smile on my face. My husband says he can tell when I have been checking out the other wreckers by the glow it gives me.

  21. Oh, I bought mine a year ago and it still sits in a drawer. The thought of wrecking a boo continues to daunt me. You've given me inspiration to get started.

  22. These are really beautiful! It takes a lot of discipline to keep a doodle/sketch journal~I always abandoned any that I had ever started..or tore out pages..then gave up. Yours is a work of art, a visual diary of everyday moments :)


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