Thursday, July 2, 2009

wreckreational activity

week of june 27-july 3
the project

1. thick and thin line page embellished
and gone beserk

2. bus ride documented in line (l) and
3. passage of time measured in coffee (r)
(no spoons and no apologies to t.s. eliot)

4. the cover acquires quotation
from dogen, zen master, 1200-1253

5. two words added to title page

6. badly drawn dead bird.
i couldn't deal with the other, um, crap
suggested on this page...

7. mildly abandoned

8. the line has breaks.
at first i assumed the line shouldn't cross
itself. towards the end of the line
loops amused me

9. what was a left handed lipstick drawing
has been papered over

10. deconstruction begun on the instruction page

11. drank a few drops of water from the funnel

12. carelessly writ

13. more fruit stickers

14. a saturday morning walk
on riverside drive...

... collecting leaves and things...

...for the leaves and things page.


  1. Well played - uh destroyed! I love all your fruit stickers...I have one so far. :)

    Thanks for all the photos - you are such an innovative wrecker! I'm inspired.

  2. You're really good at this wrecking! :) And you eat a lot of fruits. I haven't got a single sticker yet. :)

  3. I like all of your pages and the cover is really great- have you made copies?
    Thanks for what you said about Ida Lupino, she really is worth the looking up!
    And she should be celebrated, think of "The trouble with angels"- great humor, wonderful Mother Superior, so funny! A real joy.
    Happy wrecking!!! CU

  4. wow I love all you have done thus far and I especially like the 2 added words "FEAR NOT" to your title page!

  5. Divine Wreckage.....and yes, you appear to consume vast amounts of fruit...or, wait...are you the sticker stealer? *grin*

  6. OK you are a very good eater! If they had a page where I put in the wrappers from chocolate bars, I'd be way ahead of everyone!

    I love everypage, but that non-stop line is gorgeous, while document time passing is especially clever.

    I just love it here at your blog!

    Also, I cannot figure out a good way to use your quote last week in my email what with linking back to your post etc etc ... so I am just gonna have to admire it from afar. But I am writing it in WTJ somewhere!

  7. What fabulous & fun wreckage!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. lovely! I especially like the dead birdie :)

  9. Fantastic! I love your wrecked pages!

  10. Your journal looks wonderful! You have done some mighty fine wrecking.

  11. thank you guys, one and all.
    i'm eating up your comments and,
    full disclosure, i did NOT
    eat all that fruit.

    my name is magpie and
    i'm a sticker nicker.

    many of them actually do fall off the fruit
    you of them...

    whole foods doesn't seem to mind :)

  12. Sticker nicker!!!! Too funny! Love your wrecking.

  13. Fear not, sticker nicker! Oh my. That top photo reminded me of a Chinese dragon in a parade. :) Wreck on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Love your pages. Very creative and fun!

  15. All wonderful pages! Hope you keep enjoying the journey.

  16. Your journal is gorgeous! So well loved and well wrecked!

  17. Fear Not - Great words to add! I never thought of coffee as a document of time passing, but it sure is. You had some great ideas and fabulous wrecking. Thanks!
    Kristin - The Goat

  18. What prolific, fun and creative wreckage!

    I love that you added the very core of this whole project on the title page! "Fear Not" indeed! :)

  19. What amazing notebooks.
    Do you know the work of David Shrigley?
    I think you would get a kick out of him

    HAPPY 4th

  20. Even your wrecking looks gorgeous! Art, anyone?

  21. Sticker Nicker - ha-ha! Love it! Such creative wrecking - wonderful ideas! FEAR NOT - perfect!

  22. Very Creative. Love your ideas!

  23. I just love ALL your pages, some great wrecking going on! I love the colourful, fruit sticker page! Thats one thing I've learnt about myself through my WTJ experience: I definitely do NOT eat enough fruit!!!;-)

  24. you made a hit with STICKER NICKER!!

    so? Whole Foods huh??
    great wrecking

  25. thanks to everyone for the encouragement.
    i'm finding the entire process far more stimulating, exhilirating, amusing and inspiring than i would have imagined.

    judi - yeah, def. whole foods.
    and a bit of fairway.

    i have, in fact, eaten more fruit than usual this summer. lovely peaches, dark and mysterious plums.


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