Monday, August 24, 2009

back from snow farm

here's one of the beads i made.
technnically it's very flawed.
i love it though.

most glass beads don't scan well.
have to figure out how to
photograph them.

unless you're a steel worker or a mine worker
don't talk to me about hot
until you've worked in a small, enclosed,
unairconditioned space
with six torches blowing 1400 degrees
in humid 90 degree heat.

the dew in the mornings was delightful.

having not melted glass in five years
my first day's work was hideously disappointing.
i wondered why i'd come.

i got happier each day as my glass instinct
got stronger.


  1. It looks like being surrounded by so much green (not to mention dew drops) was inspirational. That beads looks perfect to my eyes!

  2. I love that bead! It looks like a seacreature from the deep. I'm with m.heart. looks perfect to me. perfectly imperfect.

  3. your "happy" bead is stunning!
    glad to hear your time @ SF was so lovely.

  4. I love it too! Can't wait to see the others.

  5. those photo's make your surroundings look so amazing ... and that bead has such wonderful color and bumpity texture - I just want to touch it ... I imagine its smoothish and cool. :)

    ps ... my husband used to work in a foundry that dealt with bronze ... I DO know that kind of hot and feel deeply for you.


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